Why Modern Classic Digital Calls Surrey Home

Barney Packer is the Founder and Director of Modern Classic Digital; a Guildford digital PR agency.

Why I decided to start my business in Surrey

Starting a business is a big decision, and choosing the right location can be crucial to its success. For me, Surrey, was the perfect place to launch my digital PR agency, Modern Classic Digital. With Surrey’s fantastic networking events, supportive business community and unbeatable location, Surrey offered everything I needed to get my business off the ground.

My name’s Barney Packer and in this article, I’ll be sharing my reasons for why I believe Surrey to be the ideal location for any entrepreneur looking to start a business.

Unbeatable networking events

First things first; a business is only as good as the people supporting it. That means networking events are absolutely crucial to growth and in Surrey, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals face to face.

Not only can you make valuable connections at networking events, but you can also learn from others and gain insights into the local business community. There’s a huge amount of exciting projects and plans happening around Surrey, so get involved and use this to amplify your business!

Networking events can also help you stay up-to-date on industry trends and find potential customers or partners for your business. So if you’re looking to grow your business in Surrey, be sure to take advantage of these networking opportunities.

I’d highly recommend LinkedIn Local Guildford; an event in the heart of Surrey that runs once a month and welcomes a range of really friendly and interesting business people to connect with.

Surrey’s superb reputation

Surrey is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and that has a knock-on benefit to your business. Being located in an area with such a strong reputation for successful and thriving businesses helps to legitimise and enhance the credibility of your personal venture by association.

Not just this, but as Surrey is already seen as a great place to do business, then the location can help in attracting new business. Customers love the ease of having everything in one place. So, if they can get everything they need without leaving the county then there’s opportunity for you to thrive.

Location, location, location

Starting a business and buying a house have one thing in common; location is everything!

Surrey is the perfect location for a new business because of its proximity to a huge range of towns and cities, with the main one being London. Being just a short train ride away from the capital has provided my business with access to a wider range of clients and opportunities.

Everyone knows that London is a hub for business and innovation, but it’s also incredibly expensive. Being close to the city has allowed my business to stay connected to the latest trends and developments in our industry while not having to pay London prices.

I’ve also found that customers like the fact that Modern Classic Digital isn’t London based. The capital is known for being incredibly fast-paced and money orientated, which can leave people feeling short-changed. In Surrey, we’re able to be a business that’s never rushed by the hustle and bustle. Instead, we give time to our customers with care and respect. It really goes a long way.

Quality of life

If you haven’t been to Surrey, you’re missing out. The county boasts beautiful countryside, historic towns, and excellent businesses, making it an amazing place to live and work.

Just take a stroll down Guildford high street and see the mix of businesses. Variation is key to a successful local economy and this is exactly that. Equally, as Surrey is made up of towns opposed to major cities, it means that there is always space for new and exciting businesses.

Overall, Surrey provides a great balance between work and leisure, making it an ideal location for any business owner looking to start or grow their company.

About the Author: Barney Packer is the Founder and Director of Modern Classic Digital; a Guildford digital PR agency. With 8 years in the media industry, Barney has a passion for getting brands seen online through amazing content.