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Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP

“I can speak from experience when I say that the region’s reputation as a centre for innovation and its unrivalled quality of life makes it incredibly attractive to talent from across Britain and the world.

Leaders of the many multinational businesses who have made the region their home speak proudly of the benefits of being based here.

For them – and for me – Surrey stands as a beacon of innovation, creativity, and economic vitality.”

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer

International Access

Surrey and the South-East has the highest number of foreign owned businesses operating anywhere in the UK.

Strategically located near London and its major airports, Surrey offers unparalleled connectivity, blending vibrant business opportunities with exceptional quality of life.

Surrey’s access to international travel and it’s enviable amount of green space makes Surrey first choice for internationally minded businesses locating and relocating in the UK.


Unrivalled quality

Surrey is able to offer business owners and their staff an enriched location through it’s unrivalled quality of life.

Surrey, the UK’s greenest region and a top destination for quality living. Our commitment to sustainability and net-zero goals aligns with a skilled workforce eager to join eco-conscious businesses. Choose Surrey for a harmonious blend of business growth and exceptional living standards.

Living in Surrey

Talented People

In Surrey, you’re at the heart of academic excellence with three world-class universities, a renowned research park, and the world’s leading university incubator.

This unique ecosystem nurtures the skills and expertise of tomorrow’s workforce, ensuring your business has access to the brightest minds.

Our exceptional connectivity, unmatched quality of life, and diverse international business landscape attract top-tier talent from across the globe.

Innovation & Skills

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Surrey offers an established, business-friendly environment boasting economic stability and commercial security for investing, expanding and buying from the UK

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Surrey Values Business

Businesses in Surrey can access free, tailored business support from an experienced team of experts. Business Surrey provides free practical advice and support for businesses at all stages of their journey to start, grow, and thrive in Surrey.

Surrey County Council oversees and promotes the sustainable economic development for the whole of Surrey. It provides valuable strategic services focusing on innovation, skills, locations, and a greener future for the benefit of its 1.2 million residents. Growing the economy is one of four priorities for the Council, which are key to achieving its mission of ensuring No One is Left Behind.

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As a premier family-owned developer, Wates Group prioritises long-term environmental impacts in our projects, aiming for Net Zero to benefit the planet and our industry standing. We champion Surrey for its innovation, talent, and quality of life, making it perfect for companies seeking success and positive global impact.


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