leading the way on digital connectivity

Equally important to modern business, Surrey is leading the way on digital connectivity, with many national providers already offering gigabit-capable (1000Mbps) / full fibre broadband infrastructure. Looking to the future, Surrey is the proud home to the UK’s first 5G/6G Innovation Centre, ensuring we’re at the cutting edge.

Surrey Infrastructure Facts & Figures

Neighbours 2 International Airports
25 minutes to Central London by Rail
Superfast Broadband Coverage
UK’s First 5G/6G Innovation Centre

National & International Travel Connections

Not only is Surrey centrally positioned between the UK's major airports, but also within easy reach are the international port at Portsmouth and central London both being well within an hours commute.


Surrey is uniquely positioned between two of the UK’s largest international airports, London Gatwick and London Heathrow, giving ready access to a global marketplace This proximity gives residents and visitors doorstep access for business and leisure travel.

It’s also a heavy attraction for business, many large international organisations have chosen to locate in Surrey to capture the benefits of proximity to both London and Gatwick and associated connections to the worldwide markets.


Surrey’s rail network connects London with the coast, with direct access to London from 25 minutes, and the ports of south coast within the hour.

This connection to London has given Surrey growth with many businesses and residents choosing to locate in Surrey over London for better quality of life. It’s also easy to get around the region, our 84 train stations helped over 77 million passengers reach their destination. Surrey works closely with the rail network on helping to achieve mutual strategic goals such as the decarbonisation of transport.

Digital Infrastructure

98.5% of all premises in Surrey have access to Superfast Broadband, making us more connected than the rest of the UK. 82% already have access to Gigabit speed with full commitments from many national providers to increase this position.

We understand that digital infrastructure is and will continue to be the backbone of successful business and Surrey is enabling more infrastructure to help drive growth in the local economy and create jobs.

5G & 6G

Surrey is home to the world’s first academic 5G & 6G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey which provides globally important research and has a live full 5G enabled test-bed on site at the University.

Plans are also underway to establish the UK’s first full 5G enabled shopping centre at The Square in Camberley. This test-bed will provide an open environment for public/private and academic engagement and personifies Surrey’s wider ambitions around 5G.

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