Rural yet Connected

In Surrey you are uniquely able to be simultaneously a stones throw from London whilst being surrounded by some of England’s most wonderful countryside. Enjoy the best of both worlds in Surrey.

First Class Schools & Universities

Surrey is home to first class schools and world class universities that provide R&D support to innovative businesses. Surrey has exceptional talent and a well-qualified, highly skilled workforce.

Businesses Succeed In Surrey

In Surrey businesses do well, we account for 14% of all business births in the South East and our businesses have a close to 90% business survival rate. It’s clear we have all the ingredients for your business to be successful in Surrey.

Surrey In Numbers

New Business Survival Rate
Of all new South East businesses Formed in Surrey
Of all South East High Growth Business Found in Surrey
Most Innovative Region In England
Surrey tops the vitality index for the South East

Surrey is Proudly Home To

Alexander Dennis

BAE Systems

Exxon Mobil



Media Molecule





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