Is flexible working right for your business?

Why flexible office space could be right for your business

News | 07-06-2022

Flexible office space is becoming increasing more popular with businesses across the country and Surrey has seen many new and existing companies opting for a more flexible approach to office life. Here are some of the reasons why flexible office space could be right for your business…

Easy office relocation

Ease of relocation

With a flexible office space, you don’t have to worry about finding a new office if your business grows. You can move to a new location in the same building or even another part of the city without having to sign an expensive lease contract. 

There are fewer restrictions when it comes to moving; for example, many terms in traditional leases require that tenants stay for certain periods of time—often at least five years—and provide notice before vacating their space. This means that if circumstances change and it makes more sense for your business to leave its current location earlier than expected (such as when rents rise), then everything gets complicated very quickly

Real estate costs

Reduced real estate costs 

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your real estate costs, a flexible space may be the solution. Unlike traditional leases and long-term agreements with landlords, these types of spaces are often more affordable and require no fees or deposits up front. You also don’t have to hire brokers or pay property taxes on the space, since they’re not owned by an individual entity (like a landlord). 

Another benefit of flexible office spaces is that they come furnished with desks, chairs and other equipment that employees need in order to work efficiently—all at no extra cost to businesses who lease them.

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No need for a sizeable deposit 

One of the biggest benefits is that you can move into a flexible office space without having to put up a sizeable deposit, which can be a huge barrier for many small businesses. A large deposit is required for traditional leases, but with flexible working spaces it’s just a fraction of that amount. 

In addition to saving money on the initial payment, this means you can get started on your dream business more quickly and easily than ever before!

Business growth

Scalability to accommodate business growth 

One of the biggest benefits of a flexible office space is that it can be scaled up or down at almost any time. This means that you don’t have to commit to a long-term lease, which can be great if your business is growing quickly, or if it suddenly starts losing money. This makes flexible office spaces an ideal option for start-ups, who may not know how much space they need at first.

Flexible office space leases

Flexible leases 

Flexible leases are a great option for businesses that have multiple locations, employees who work remotely and/or fluctuating workforces. When you have employees working in multiple locations and/or your work force is constantly shifting, it can be difficult to find office space that fits your needs. A flexible lease gives businesses the flexibility they need to keep costs down while ensuring their staff has access to all the resources they need. 

In addition to being more convenient, flexible leases may also offer better terms than traditional leases: They’re often shorter and thus cheaper than standard long-term options, making them ideal for small businesses on a tight budget; some flexible spaces even offer perks like free Wi-Fi or conference rooms included in rent! Flexible lease agreements can also make switching locations easier because you’re only paying for what you use at any given time—if one year turns out not be as productive as expected but another location proves fruitful then simply relocate without penalty!

Young people coworking together at creative office sitting brows

Creating a collaborative, energetic workspace 

Flexible office space is designed to encourage collaboration and a more creative, energetic workspace. The open-plan layout allows for easy communication between staff members and the ability to create an open and positive work environment.

Office amenities

Access to all amenities you need 

Your company might need something a little more specific, such as flexible space with access to all amenities you need, from the usual – coffee machines, high-speed internet and receptionists – to added extras such as nap pods and showers. After all, when you’re working at home or in an uninspiring boring office environment it can be difficult to stay on task for long periods of time. 

With flexible work spaces available around the clock, your employees will be able to get their jobs done without worrying about where they are working from or missing out on any essential office facilities that they would normally have access too.

Month to month office leases

The option to pay month-to-month instead of a fixed term lease 

One of the benefits of renting office space is that you can pay month-to-month instead of a fixed term lease. If you want to expand or move, it could be risky for your business if you’re locked into a long-term lease. 

Monthly rentals are ideal for businesses with fluctuating demand, like startups or seasonal businesses. This way, if demand drops off, leaving the space might be easier than breaking an expensive lease agreement. 

Flexible offices are a great choice for small businesses that want to grow without being constrained by commercial real estate. 

Flexible office space gives your business the freedom to scale up when it needs or wants to, but also allows you the flexibility of scaling down when there’s no need for additional space. 

The great thing about this model is that it’s scalable in terms of both cost and size—if you only require one desk now but will need three desks six months from now, that’s no problem! Just move into another room as needed; there’s no long-term commitment required on your part. 

At Invest in Surrey, we’ve helped a number of businesses successfully move to a more flexible working environment and we can offer a variety of different services and support options to help you make the move with minimal impact on your day-to-day. 

We also work closely with established co-working spaces which are set up to offer a collaborative and friendly working environment, like the Login Business Lounge, who have made it their mission to provide local businesses with the opportunity to reconnect their team after the separation they’ve faced over the past few years, without the pressure of high overhead costs.

Get in touch with out expert team today and let us help you find the perfect premises for your new or existing business venture. 

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