Surrey Business Testimonials

Andrew Smith, Shepperton Studios

“For almost 90 years, Shepperton Studios has been fortunate to call Surrey home.  Located just outside of London, Surrey and Spelthorne where the Studio is located, has consistently provided us with access to a wealth of creative talent and innovative resources.

Surrey is a hub for the creative industry and offers a unique base for businesses and individuals within inspirational surroundings. Its close proximity to London means that we have the best of both worlds – access to a thriving metropolis while also being able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a more rural setting and an abundance of filming locations.

Overall, we believe that Surrey is an ideal location for companies looking to tap into the creative talent and innovative resources that the county has to offer. We are proud to call Surrey home and to be a part of its thriving business community.”


Yvonne Spencer, Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)

“The Animal and Plant Health Agency’s headquarters and specialist science site is based in Surrey. There is a wealth of local bioveterinary sciences talent and high quality education, universities and innovation centres.

These resources are invaluable, providing access to a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to build our world leading animal health and disease control capability.

The range of opportunities, connectivity and environment in Surrey is also a major draw for our employees, making it a great place for us.”


Jean Launberg, Gordon Murray Design

“Gordon Murray Group are a leading car manufacturer and mobility engineering consultancy, which has been in Surrey from its inception and growth phase, and we are thrilled to have committed to Surrey as the location for our new headquarters, brand new car factory, and all-new Technology Centre at the new under-construction campus at Windlesham. There were several reasons why we chose to stay and grow in Surrey, including its green credentials, high quality of life, and access to global markets.

One of the main reasons we chose Surrey was its commitment to sustainability and the environment. As a car designer and manufacturer, sustainability is a top priority for us and we wanted to be in a location that shared our values. Surrey has a strong track record when it comes to environmental initiatives and we were impressed by the efforts the local community has taken to reduce its carbon footprint. Many environmentally-focused measures are being incorporated into the new campus under construction.

In addition to its green credentials, Surrey also offers a high quality of life for our employees. The region has a diverse population, excellent schools and healthcare facilities, and a wide range of recreational activities. We believe that our employees will continue to thrive in this supportive and welcoming community. As we inboard new people – myself included – from the UK, and from other countries and world regions, their feedback re-emphasizes that Surrey is an outstanding place to leave.

Finally, Surrey’s location makes it an ideal place for us to do business. It is conveniently located near major transportation hubs, which will allow us to easily access global markets; it also has a highly educated talent pool, and first-class supporting services. We are confident that our new headquarters in Surrey will be a major asset for our company, and our clients, as we continue to grow and expand.”

Mike McNicholas, Atkins

“Today Atkins is a global engineering consultancy with offices and clients around the world, working in all areas of the built environment. But our roots are firmly in Surrey where we started our growth from our Epsom home, helping to re-build the country following the second world war.

It remained our home and most recently we moved into a new state-of-the-art office in the town, designed by our own highly skilled team, which has played a key role in attracting new, talented people to the business most recently.

Being a business in Surrey has many benefits, and has certainly played a role in the success of the business over the decades. We remain committed to our position here for decades to come.”

Tim Wates, Wates Group

“As a leading family-owned built environment specialist and developer, the Wates Group considers the long-term environmental impact of all the projects we work on and the buildings we design, build, and maintain. Our sector-leading targets in moving towards being a Net Zero operator not only contribute to a healthier planet, but also help us stand out in a competitive industry.

We believe that Surrey is a great location for companies like ours, as the county is rich in innovation and talent. The access to these resources, combined with the high quality of living in the area, makes Surrey an ideal place for us to thrive.

We highly recommend Surrey as a location for any company looking to not only succeed, but also make a positive impact on the world.”