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ramsac announce Cyber Resilience Certification

Cyber Security | 04-07-2022

With 25% of UK charities and 65% of medium sized businesses in the UK all experiencing cyber-attacks in 2021, it is more important than ever to ensure staff are equipped and able to defend themselves against online threats and contribute to empowering an organisation’s human firewall.

In order to support this and make organisations better equipped and prepared for cyberattacks, Godalming based cybersecurity providers, ramsac, have launched a Cyber Resilience Certification to train, educate and equip organisations in spotting and defending cyberattacks and threats.

The assessment and certification process are made up of an in-depth audit of an organisation’s IT estate, accompanied by an identifying report with practical suggestions ranked as red, amber, and green priorities so organisations can easily prioritise the most essential changes. After this, ramsac provide a breakdown of the criteria which informs whether an organisation has met Bronze, Silver or Gold standards which can be used to demonstrate commitment to cybersecurity.

The criteria of each standard include benefits such as cybersecurity training for new starters at Bronze level, ongoing cybersecurity training and phishing testing at Silver, and C-suite cyber training and planned testing exercises at Gold, as well as 17 other services.

Rob May, MD and Founder of ramsac said: “This is an essential and exciting opportunity for organisations to enhance their cybersecurity measures with ease and authority. Having seen the rise of cybercrime over the years means that we know the importance of giving people an opportunity to significantly enhance their online protection and have proof of it also. Holding a ramsac Cyber Resilience Certificate brings trust and peace of mind to both your staff, and those you work with. You become an organisation who have all the tools, knowledge, and support to defend and protect valuable information that cybercriminals seek so often.”

ramsac are cybersecurity providers that have been managing IT risks for over 30 years and have seen how cyberattacks have manifested themselves within technology. As a result of this, ramsac are perfectly equipped to help organisations achieve the highest level of cybersecurity protection, guidance, and advice.

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