Invest in Surrey 40 under 40 Business Awards Announced!

News | 10-05-2022

A positive spotlight was shone on the dynamic young talent making a difference in Surrey at the inaugural Invest in Surrey 40 under 40 Business Awards.

The Awards night also officially launched Surrey County Council’s new business-focused brand, Invest in Surrey, which works to provide a wealth of resources to businesses starting, growing and moving to the Surrey region. The team led by Daniel Murray is focused on supporting businesses to help them to thrive in the county which is recognised as ranking highest in the UK (outside London) for professional workforce.

The Surrey 40 Under 40 Business Awards is the first of its kind in the region, with the goal of celebrating the incredible talent that is present in the region. Entrepreneurs and young professionals in established businesses have a key role to play when it comes to maintaining Surrey’s unique high value position in the UK economy, and the awards were designed to celebrate and recognise the county’s movers and shakers who are already making a difference.

The award winners were nominated by their industry peers through the new Invest in Surrey website. Their applications were supported by testimonials and case studies that explained how they have made a significant improvement to their business, the local economy, the environmental impact of their organisation, or the region in general.

Over one hundred nominations were received from a wide variety of sectors. Winners were announced by established business leaders based in Surrey including Tamas Csetjel, People Team Director at Samsung; Damion Potter, Head of Global Policy and Government Engagement at Haleon Consumer Health; Caroline Fleming, Director of Innovation Strategy from the University of Surrey and Louise Bittleston, Corporate and Community Fundraising Manager at WWF UK.

The awards were held at the Council’s landmark headquarters in Reigate. Surrey County Council is recognised nationally for its pro-business approach to economic growth, with Surrey generating an annual output of over £43 billion to the UK economy thanks to world-leading academic and corporate Research and Development, being home to some of the UK’s leading businesses, offering excellent connectivity to London and the rest of the world, a highly skilled workforce and a superb quality of life.

Following the awards, attendees had the opportunity to meet and network with the business leaders in attendance from across the county, as well as speak with key representatives of the University of Surrey, St Edward, Haleon Consumer Healthcare, Samsung Electronics UK and WWF UK who provided partnership in delivering the awards.

Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council, commented:

“What is key for Surrey is inward investment. Surrey has a thriving economy, but it needs to continually renew and refresh itself. It’s important to continue to attract cutting edge businesses that are innovating, improving services and delivering new ideas. Surrey businesses have a very good, long history of doing exactly that and it’s great to see the next generation of entrepreneurs building on that heritage”

Michael Coughlin, Executive Director of Surrey County Council, commented:

“I am delighted that alongside making these fantastic awards celebrating the entrepreneurial talent we have in Surrey, we relaunched our ’Invest in Surrey’ initiative, aimed at galvanising support for attracting businesses and investors to the county.

“The forty young(er) entrepreneurs that were publicly recognised for their very special contributions to the Surrey economy, are a key part of what makes the Surrey economy such a great place to start, and do, business. My thanks and congratulations goes to them all!

“Invest in Surrey builds on and promotes this strong energetic, youthful, entrepreneurial spirit and other key strengths of the Surrey economy, to attract business to the county – and more likeminded people!”

Sam Marshall, Economy Lead at Invest in Surrey, commented:

“We’re extremely proud to showcase the immense talent and innovation that Surrey has to offer. Invest in Surrey is here to accelerate this county’s prosperity and facilitate growth. These awards show our commitment to helping businesses in the Surrey region to thrive and succeed.”

Explaining the importance of celebrating young talent in the region, People Team Director at Samsung, Tamas Csetjel said:

“Talent is the lifeblood for any business and we very much welcome talented young people to come and join us through our established routes of graduate programmes and also, for the first time, as apprentices.”

Award Winner Frank Sinclair, Director of Fit with Frank Ltd said: “Being recognised at these awards is fantastic for me and my business – it is a truly great honour.

“Receiving this award is going to give me the boost I need to drive my business forward and it cements that my work is worthwhile.”

Award Winner Rebecca Blackmore, Senior Marketing Manager at OutSystems said: “My biggest proud moment today was being able to be here with my father at my side as I collected my award.

“He is my mentor and mentors are very important as they help you along your journey to success.”

Invest in Surrey provide businesses with the key resources, specialist expertise and local intelligence to help ensure a faster, more successful investment.

If you have questions about property specifications, connectivity in the region or about access to key centres of innovation and research, contact the Invest in Surrey team who can provide all the support you need.

Here is the list of worthy winners:

Name: Alex Pye

Company: Atkins Global

Job role: Managing Consultant, Transportation UK & Europe

Name: Rebecca Blackmore

Company: OutSystems

Role: Senior Marketing Manager

Name: Vicky Mealey

Company: The Login Business Lounge

Role: Centre Manager

Name: Alice Smith

Company: UP for DIGITAL

Role: Managing Director

Name: Sam Hurman

Company: Rival Strength

Role: Managing Director

Name: Frank Sinclair

Company: FitwithFrank

Role: Director

Name: David Ward

Company: Harrier Gates

Role: Business Owner

Name: Holly Yeomans

Company: McLaren Automotive Ltd

Role: Senior Project Engineer

Name: Billy Clackers

Company: Invotra Ltd

Job Role: Managing Director

Name: Bruce Casalis

Company: Bruce’s Doggy Day Care

Job role: Business Owner

Name: Conor Davies-Taylor

Company: Ascot Brewing Company

Role: Chief Customer Officer

Name: Liani Mannifield

Company: Mannifield Residential Ltd

Role: Director

Name: Anica Zehen

Company: Royal Holloway University of London

Role: Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Name: Dr Jo Gee

Company: Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy Ltd

Role: Director

Name: Colin Francis

Company: LabCycle

Role: CEO

Name: Jack Kerr


Role: Blacksmith

Name: Ben Ward

Company: Rocketdesk and Supergonk

Role: Business Owner

Name: Amir Taba

Company: DIREK LTD

Role: CTO

Name: Monika Baunach

Company: WWF-UK

Role: Public Affairs Adviser

Name: Oliver Tearle

Company: The ai Corporation

Role: Head of Technology and Innovation

Name: Sophie Best

Company: Silent Pool Distillers

Role: Operations Director

Name: Dr Anna Vartapetiance

Company: Securium

Role: CEO, Co-Founder and Director

Name: Charlotte Watson

Company: SETsquared Surrey

Job role: Operations & Relationship Manager

Name: Richard Skinner

Company: The Social Table

Role: Owner

Name: Tim Hopkins

Company: Land Map and Land Management

Role: Business Owner

Name: Tom Boulton

Company: Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

Role: Lead Engineer

Name: Dan Edwards

Company: SGN

Role: Social Impact Programme Lead

Name: Tarryn Gorre

Company: Kafoodle

Role: CEO

­Name: Ceri Thomas

Company: Rivian

Role: Senior Manager, Adventure Products Engineering

Name: Neil Johnston

Company: Vector Suite and Rocketdesk

Role: CEO and Founder

Name: Edward Ball

Company: Jellyfish

Role: Chief Operating Officer

Name: Ella Podmore

Company: McLaren

Role: Fault Analysis Engineer

Name: Alex Paterson

Company: NotGames Ltd

Role: Creative Director

Name: Elena Stylianou

Company: KBR

Role: Engineer

Name: Milo Bygrave

Company: 22Cans

Role: Lead Designer

Name: Matt Golds

Company: Noviun Architects

Role: Managing Director

Name: Tim Croxson

Company: Croxsons

Role: Chief Executive Officer

Name: Daniel Cook

Company: Infinity

Role: Head of Planning and Strategy

Name: Chris James

Company: Gold-i

Role: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Name: James Etherington

Company: Atkins

Role: Senior Engineer

For more information contact:

Sam Marshall
Economy Lead in Invest in Surrey

Photo Gallery:

Password: 90412

Notes to the Editor

Surrey 40 Under 40 was held by Invest in Surrey, Surrey County Council’s inward investment brand and its Surrey based event partners, Samsung Electronics UK, GSK, Electronic Arts, WWF-UK, University of Surrey and St Edwards.

Invest in Surrey is a business facing brand for Surrey County Council which aims to showcase and promote Surrey as a premier business location. Visitors to the website ( can find free information on how to locate and grow their business in Surrey.

Surrey 40 Under 40 was held at Surrey County Council’s offices in Reigate on the 28th April.

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