Level up: Carbon Literacy Training

Waverley - 15/02/2022

If you’re tired of hearing about climate change because you don’t know what to do, Carbon Literacy Training will change your thinking and inspire you to take action.
Become Carbon Literate and give your business a competitive advantage.

More than 70% of people buy things based on sustainability. But only 28% of small businesses in the UK have a plan to attract these customers.
The good news? Inspiration Space is running free Carbon Literacy Training for Waverley based small businesses.
Learn simple swaps you can make TODAY to reduce your carbon footprint. Then, working together in a group, apply your new found knowledge to your business so you can delight your customers, access new sources of funding and save money.
The programme starts with an education in Climate Science lead by Dr. Tammi Sinha. Using interactive tools and videos, you’ll learn the science behind climate change and how rising temperatures will impact your business and your home.
Participants will then work with peer mentors to create a plan for accreditation. Once complete, you’ll join the likes of Patagonia and the BBC as a Carbon Literate Organisation.
In addition, you will be a founding member of The Spark. This is the first sustainability community interest group that is specifically for microbusinesses.
A place to put heads together with other business owners who want to grow and innovate through sustainability, maintain momentum and accountability as you move from idea to action.


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